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Kim Lewis

Kim Lewis was a circus stunt rider who was active during the days of the American Frontier. Suffering injuries while on tour, Kim went to her uncle's cabin to recuperate. Growing bored she developed the identity of the Black Rider to have some fun by holding up coaches, but not robbing them, choosing to commit crimes for the thrill.

He activities as the Black Rider attracted the attention of the Two-Gun Kid who attempted to stop her and was delivered a humiliated defeat instead. Seeing fun in this, she then left a note for her uncle claiming that the Black Rider "kidnapped" her so that the Two-Gun Kid would continue to pursue her. Sure enough, the heroic gunslinger did and was always a step behind the Black Rider. When Two-Gun eventually captured her, he was shocked to find that the Black Rider and Kim were the same person. Furious with her horseplay, Two-Gun gave her a spanking and was determined to tell her uncle. However, after seeing the pair happily reunited and getting a kiss on the cheek from Kim, Two-Gun could not bring himself to tell her uncle the truth and left.[1]

Kim's subsequent activities are unknown.


Kim rides a horse.


Kim primarily uses a lasso.

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