Quote1 Dave Lizewski had eight friends on MySpace and Kick-Ass had thousands. I think that tells you everything you need to know. Quote2
-- Kick-Ass

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  • Kick-Ass (Dave Lizewski)

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  • Pepper spray

Synopsis for "Kick-Ass"Edit

The YouTube video of Dave Lizewski fighting off a gang of Puerto Ricans has made him an overnight sensation, even being shown on the local news and garnering mentions on Late Night with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. All of the attention has finally given him a superhero name: "Kick-Ass".

In a penthouse somewhere a Mr. Genovese sees the video on television and greets it with "not another one".

Lizewski, still wearing his suit under his clothes, has a confident swagger to his walk at school, despite fresh bruising and bandages. In Mrs. Zane's English class he and Katie Deauxma get caught talking, with the teacher referring to Dave as Katie's "boyfriend". Dave is shocked at how well Katie takes her saying that, as previously she would have freaked out at such an implication, and decides it's because he's now so "cool".

Later, his best friend Todd fills Dave in on the circulating rumor that he has been prostituting himself and his "muggings" were actually beatings from clients. He tells him that Katie, who's mother runs a shelter for battered women, is being nice to him because she's adopted him as her "gay best friend". Dave realizes it's true, and decides to go with it, hanging out with her as her "sexually non-threatening male companion".

Over lunch at the 5 Stars Diner, Dave and his father talk about the recent "muggings". After assuring him he's not being bullied at school, Mr. Lizewski gives his son a police issue can of pepper spray for protection.

Kick-Ass goes on patrol, planning to jump from roof to roof for the first time. He changes his mind, however, when he realizes just how far apart they are, not to mention how high. On the sidewalk he's greeted by random strangers who appreciate the work he's been doing.

One of the messages on the Kick-Ass MySpace--set up to let people request help--was from a woman complaining about her ex making prank phone calls. He decided to go speak to the guy, Eddie Lomas, but when he arrives he finds a large man, Marv, who mocks his suit. Marv invites him into the apartment, which is full of people, who do not hesitate to mock him more. Lomas, having not seen him on the news, has no idea who Kick-Ass is and gets upset when he's asked to back off of his ex. After saying he can "call, talk to, or f*ck" her anytime he likes, Kick-Ass warns him that if he doesn't leave her alone, he'll break his legs. The people in the apartment begin to crowd around him, so he uses the pepper spray. Unfortunately he's hit in the back of the head with a champagne bottle, knocking him to the ground before he can do anything else. Kick-Ass starts to take a beating when suddenly a sword pierces Lomas' chest from behind. A small girl in purple pulls her weapon out and cleans it off. After slicing off half of Marv's head she looks at the others and asks them "what they can do".

  • This issue is dedicated to the memory of Paul James Downie
  • In the "A Few Words From the Writer" section a line of Kick-Ass clothing is discussed, as is the film version. Additionally the character with the sword is described as a "hyper-violent nine-year-old", but left nameless.

  • Lizewski compares the popularity of his video to that of the Star Wars Kid
  • Mr. Genovese catches the Kick-Ass video through TMZ, presumably on TMZ on TV.
  • Todd tells Dave that people think he's prostituting himself in "the Village", a known spot or gay prostitution, gay and straight.
  • Dave's "Whateverisit Amagansett" shirt may be a reference to the Marx Brothers film Horse Feathers
  • Eddie Lomas is said to be playing "Spyro", which could be one of any number of games in the series. Strangely enough he seems to be playing on a PC connected to a flat screen television and none of them were officially released for PC.

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