Kevin Kennerman was a young boy, travelling on a bus in the middle of the Everglades. Drunk driver Ralph Sorrell crashed into the bus. Everyone on the bus was killed, except for Kevin, Mary Brown, Jim Arsdale, and Holden Crane. Kevin was alive, but he was seriously injured and needed help. He was trapped under part of the bus when he was rescued by Man-Thing. [1]

The group of survivors traveled through the swamp, carrying the unconscious Kevin with them. Their intent was to reach the nearest town, and get help for him. When nearing what they thought was a town, Ralph turned on them and killed Jim and Holden. He turned to kill Mary and Kevin as well, when Man-thing turned up. Man-Thing rescued them and killed Ralph. [1]

  • Due to being unconscious for most of the story that he appears, Kevin has little to no speaking lines.

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