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Parmenter was a former Guardsmen from the super villain prison the Vault. Parmenter's co-worker Hugh Taylor was murdered by Venom. Hugh's father, a retired general Orwell Taylor recruited Parmenter and various other friends of Hugh's to help him get revenge on Venom. To this end he gave them suits of Guardsmen based armors that were designed to exploit Venom's weaknesses of sonics and fire and in Bomblast's case an armor which came with a harness that fired energy weapons of pure concussive force.

Bomblast and the Jury eventually tracked Venom in San Francisco down but he escaped with the aid of Roland Treece and the Life Foundation. Later the Jury kidnapped Spider-Man and tried him for bringing Venom's alien symbiote to earth. This was actually a ruse to trick Spider-Man into helping them steal a weapon capable of killing Venom. Again the Jury failed.

Bomblast and the Jury eventually parted company with Orwell Taylor and redefined their modus operandi. They attempted to give their victims the illusion of a fair trial with a judge, prosecutor and defense attorney (all agents of the Jury).

Eventually the Jury lost their elaborate support system and began working for Edwin Cord. Cord ordered them to fight the Thunderbolts and again the Jury lost.

It also has been stated that Parmenter was a mercenary before joining the Jury.


None but relies on armor


Bomblast variant of the Guardsman armor


A large repulsor hand-held cannon

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