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Quote1 You should know, if you kill me, you become a gorilla. It's a hell of a curse. None of your shoes will fit. Quote2
-- Gorilla-Man src

Gorilla-Man was a member of the Agents of Atlas alongside Jimmy Woo, Namora, Venus, Marvel Boy, and the Human Robot. One day, the Agents of Atlas attacked a train of 300 men, women, and children who were being transported to be experimented on by Baron Zemo. They successfully defeated Zemo's Weapon X's but were left dazed as a result of Venus' powers.

Jimmy Woo went missing shortly after this and Gorilla-Man was invited to S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Phil Coulson's office, where it was revealed that Coulson supported the Agents' mission. He joined the Agents on their assault on Zemo's Castle.

Gorilla-Man located Jimmy in the East Dungeons and freed a young boy in the same room who was revealed to be Helmut Zemo, Baron Zemo's son. Helmut slit Gorilla-Man's throat, killing him and cursing Helmut with the curse that turned Kenneth into a Gorilla in the first place.

Human Robot carried Hale's body out of the castle during the Agents' escape.[1]


Seemingly those of Kenneth Hale (Earth-616)#Powers

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