Ken Connell lives is Optima Down, Oklahoma, dating sheriff's daughter Madeline Felix despite her father's disapproval. After a night out, the couple fall asleep on a hillside. In the early hours of March 1, 2006, while they sleep, the White Event takes place.

Ken wakes to find Maddie dead beside him, burnt and almost unrecognizable. The Star Brand symbol has been scorched into the hillside around them. Later, in the sheriff’s office, Madeline’s father assaults Connell, then draws a gun - intending to kill the man he considers responsible for his daughter's death. As the sheriff fires, the Star Brand manifests on Connell's hand and saves his life - he is able to stop (and reverse) bullets, can project energy and easily kills or dismembers the terrified police officers who shoot at him. Razing the station while being seemingly unaware of what he is doing, he escapes and then flies high into the sky. Connell retreats to a secluded mountain, and is approached by three people bearing similar brands at various places on their body. The three are all future or alternate Star Brands, projecting "ahead" to warn Ken that he must save his world from himself. One of them, an elderly man, is revealed to be Ken Connell himself from fifty years in the future; he is using the power of his Star Brand to warn Connell of its power and the potential for misuse - "a hammer can be used to crack a skull or build a home." Ken is told that he is now the planetary self-defense system, and that "there's a reason it needs defending."

Connell is rescued from a ground zero nuclear detonation by Nightmask, who returns him to her apartment in San Francisco. Connell, overwhelmed by recent events and unable to accept Maddie's death and his responsibility for it, becomes virtually catatonic.


Seemingly those of Kenneth Connell (Earth-148611)#Powers.


Ken possesses little control over his abilities when he's awake, and no control when he's unconscious

  • The newuniversal version of Kenneth Connell isn't quite the same as his New Universe counterpart.

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