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Kenneth Brown

Kenneth Brown was a spy for the Nazis during World War II and operated under the guise of the Black Demon, wearing a life-like mask to conceal his identity. In the Spring of 1945 he began kidnapping men who were involved in the construction of aircraft for the war effort. Engineers George Allen and Thomas Carter were the first to be captured. The Black Demon and his minions then targeted John Dilling who was celebrating his birthday that night. Unaware that the Sub-Mariner was in attendance of the party, the Black Demon and his men attacked. Namor failed to stop the Black Demon from capturing John Dilling, but found a note identifying their next target as Thomas Grant.

When the Black Demon went after Grant, both the Sub-Mariner and his friend Betty Dean were present to keep an eye on him. While Namor stopped the Black Demon's men from kidnapping Grant, the Black Demon kidnapped Betty then left a phony note from "Betty" to lead Namor into a trap. Namor expected this and was ready for the Black Demon and his men, easily defeating them. Namor then unmasked the Black Demon and freed his victims.

Brown's subsequent fate is unknown.


The Black Demon wore a life-like mask to disguise his identity.


The Black Demon was armed with a dagger.

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