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Ken Bald

Ken Bald from Alter Ego Vol 1 139 0001

Real Name
Kenneth Bruce Bald
Ken Bald; K. Bruce

Marvel; Timely; Atlas; American Comics Group; Premier Magazines; AC Comics

Penciler, Inker, Colourist, Cover Artist, [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]], [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]], [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]], [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]]


Place of Birth
New York City , New York , United States of America

Date of Birth

August 1, 1920

Personal History

Ken Bald was born in New York City, New York and raised in suburban Mount Vernon, New York. He attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn for three years, through 1941. On December 7, 1942, Bald enlisted in the Marine Corps, serving with the 5th Marine Regiment-1st Marine Division and seeing combat in Camp Gloucester, Peleliu, and Okinawa, rising to the rank of Captain. Bald married Kaye Dowd sometime during World War II, and they have five children.

Professional History

Ken Bald's earliest confirmed credit is penciling the 16-page Captain America story "Ali Baba and His Forty Nazis" in Captain America Comics #32 (Nov. 1943), published by Marvel Comics precursor Timely Comics.

While on staff at Timely, Bald drew stories of such superheroes as Captain America, the Sub-Mariner, the Blonde Phantom, the Destroyer, and Miss America variously through comics cover-dated July 1949. He both wrote and drew a number of Millie the Model humor stories in the comics Georgie and Patsy Walker, and at least drew the teen-humor character Cindy in Georgie and Judy Comics and Junior Miss.

Bald, with an unidentified writer, co-created the superhero Sun Girl in 1948.

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Ken Bald was an artist for Atlas Comics.