Brain (Earth-616) 002

The Brain posing as the Human Torch

The Brain earned his name for using his intellect and inventive skills to commit his crimes. Designing an asbestos lined suit that could generate flames, he would pose as the android Human Torch and trick the Torch's partner Toro into breaking into an armored car allowing him to steal the military's payroll shipment. Knocking Toro out, the Brain would escape with the money, framing the Torch for the crime.

Everyone, including Toro would be convinced that the Torch was responsible for the robbery. However, the Torch would learn that the man responsible was the Brain and would track him down to his hide out. There, the Torch would be trapped in a specially made room that would fill with water to trap him. Following after the Torch, Toro would once more be confronted by the Brain in his flame suit. Realizing that the "Torch" who was attacking him was a fake, Toro would defeat him easily and free the Torch.

The Brain would be handed over to the police with a full confession of his crimes, clearing the Human Torch's good name.


Genius Level Intellect


The Brain was an ingenious inventor


The Brain had invented a room that would fill up with water and was impossible for the Human Torch to break out of.


Brain (Earth-616) 003

The Brain's asbestos suit when not ignited.

The Brain had an asbestos lined suit that could burst into flame making him resemble the Human Torch. It was not able to allow him to fly, nor imitate any of the Torch's other abilities. It's ability to generate heat was limited, hence his need to trick Toro to melt through an armored car. When not wearing his suit, the Brain was armed with a pistol.

The Brain's real name Kelse Fenton was given in Marvel Mystery Handbook:70th Anniversary Special(2009).

Both Asbestos Lady and the Fantastic Four foe The Wizard also created suits to impersonate Human Torches(Hammond & Storm).

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