Little is detailed about Kelly’s life before the zombie plague arrived on Earth-2149, however she is somehow rescued by Magneto, and kept safe with an ever decreasing band of survivors in the New York subway system.

When Magneto returns from a sortie to find medicines and supplies with another meta-human. Kelly reacts aggressively, believing him to be infected, but Mandy Glidewell reassures her. They learn from Reed that there is a teleportation device in the Baxter Building, and make a plan to escape using it. Just then, a super-powered zombie horde crashes into the subway station, and they have to make a dash for the rear exit to have any hope of escaping to Reed’s universe.

Outside the back door, and even bigger mass of zombies waits for them, but right on time, Reed’s friends arrive. Sue temporarily blinds the horde, while Johnny, and Ben burn and clobber a path through to the Baxter Building, where the survivors escape using the teleport, leaving behind Magneto to destroy the device.[1]


  • Presumably, at least some martial skills


  • Police issue pistol

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