The Keeper of the Comics Code roamed through the streets of comic-books in Earth-9047. He looked for adherence to the Comics Code in the stories and, should he find any divergence such as nudes or foul language, he tried to prevent it from appearing in the comic itself; if that censorship was not possible, the Keeper was authorized to revoke the Comic Code seal from the comic's cover, effectively restricting the sales because pre-adults would be unable to buy it openly.

The Keeper noticed that two super-villain, Doctor Bloom and Rex Ruthless, repeatedly were refering to themselves as sworn enemies of certain heroes. The Keeper decided that they were swearing too much and threatened to use his powers. The villains, recognizing the Keeper, were scared by his mere appearance.

The Keeper then appeared during a fight between Superbman and The Thung. Superbman had broken The Thung's rocky cover, revealing the naked man under it. As the man was really naked, the Keeper covered his taboo parts with a sign, censoring the image.


The Keeper is feared by the characters in Earth-9047, apparently because he can affect them in some way. When hearing too much swearing, he threatened to slap a "mature" label in the cover of the comic-book, which would restrict the sales to only certain adult population.


The Keeper has a medieval-style armor, including helmet (not protecting the chin), chainmail and a big shield with the comic code symbol.


The Keeper has a sign with the word "Censored" in red fonts

In Spain, this character's name was translated as "the Guardian of Censorship", because the Comic Code Authority was not very well-known there.

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