At some point, Irezumi was contacted by Doctor Demonicus and mutated, granting his powers. Irezumi has presumably served as one of Demonicus' Pacific Overlords from the beginning and when the Avengers' west coast branch began investigate thier activities, Irezumi was among those who tried to stop them, and was also among those opposing the Avengers who tried to take down the tiny nation of Demonica.

Cybertooth appeared to die when Demonica sank but other survivors have been seen.


  • Tattoo Animation: Irezumi, whose name is Japanese for "tattoo," is covered with tattoos of all kinds. He can change the images of the tattoos on his chest into a likeness of an opponent, and once formed, it will hurl back (at an amplified intensity) any forced used against him by his opponent. The full extent of this ability is unknown, although he has only shown creating two images of opponents at a time. Also, it takes several seconds for his tattoos to change, and would have to stalk his opponents to form an image or wait if replacing images.

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