Kay is a brown haired police officer on Earth-9019, and forms one half of the Dirty Angels with Rico. They are assigned to traffic duty, and pull over Captain Britain, Widget and Kitty as they ride in the recently rebuilt Orz-1 racecar. They investigated the death of Brian Braddock on their Earth, suspecting Jamie Braddock but never proving it. When Captain Britain tells them Jamie has kidnapped Meggan, they take the opportunity to try and arrest him, ramming their car through the wall of the Pitte Stoppe hotel. However, Rico ends up destroying after accidentally nudging the trigger of her anti-matter cannon, despite her telling Rico not to arm it, and they have to flee.[1] They are chased by an angry mob, but after she seduces Alistaire, he hides them under the train while he sends the mob on a wild goose chase. At first, they think Nightcrawler is a demon when he comes out of the darkness, but he seduces them and they stop trying to shoot him. They aid Excalibur in flying their train in to attack Jamie Braddock. They land it on top of him, and as on Earth-616, Kitty sends that Jamie Braddock to bed, this Jamie Braddock disappears along with the town and the Dirty Angels, apparently a figment of that Jamie’s imagination.[2]

Kay is the more responsible of the pair, carrying the race rulebook and identifying the infringements that racers commit.

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