The super-heroine known as Katyusha was a Russian woman named Anya. In the 1960s she met the American super-hero Black Fox who convinced her to defect to the United States. Upon doing so she became a member of the First Line. On July 16, 1969 while watching the Apollo 11 rocket lift off for the moon Katyusha had a romantic moment with the Black Fox to celebrate the historic milestone as well as her defection to the United States[1].

During the early 70s, Katyusha and members of the First Line battled against their old foe Nocturne who appeared to have revived the World War II heroes known as the Invaders and their foe the Red Skull. However the team revealed that these were merely zombies posing as the legendary wartime heroes and slew them, but Nocturne managed to escape[2].

In the late 1980s, the majority of the First Line was slain stopping an invasion of the Earth carried out by the Skrull empire. Katyusha was not depicted as among those involved in the battle, her fate is unknown[3].


The nature and extent of Katyusha's power remain unrevealed. She has shown the ability to fly.

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