Katu was inuit fisherman living in siberian tundra and was unaware of his mutant ability until the Soviet army came to investigate the electromagnetic interference he was unknowingly causing from his village. To end the nuisance he was causing to their communications systems, super-soldier Omega Red ripped off both of Katu's arms.[2] Obtaining bionic prosthesis for his lost arms, he swore revenge on his enemy, and joined the Acolytes.[3]

Eventually, the Acolytes allied themselves with Cable in order to stop Omega Red, and Katu saw there an opportunity. During the battle, Katu unleashed his powers in a blast that seemingly killed him and Omega Red.[4]


He was among the millions of mutants who died during the Wild Sentinel attack on Genosha.[1]


Katu was later resurrected by the Transmode Virus from Selene, along with some other Acolytes.[1]


A 'living satellite dish', Katu is able to siphon off a portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field, converting it into discharges of destructive force while creating a vacuum in the environment that causes inter-atmospheric anomalies, counteracting natural weather phenomena. A running gag from his earlier appearances is that his powers were never shown on panel because of their complicated explanation. Cyclops remarked as he blasted Katu in Excalibur 72 that someday he'd like to see Katu use his powers.

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