Kate was a vendor of flowers on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California when she first encountered the Dazzler.

Later on a pacific beach, Kate encountered Dazzler again after she had passed out. With the help of others including Poltergeist and Link, took her to the Heartbreak Hotel, which she runs as a refuge for mutants who have no where else to go. There at the hotel Kate cared for runaways, vagabonds and others as best she could.

Kate (Heartbreak Hotel) (Earth-616) from Beauty & the Beast 002

Shortly after taking Dazzler in, the Beast showed up looking for Dazzler and they ended up staying there at the hotel for a short time.

While walking on the beach with Lucy, she did tell Dazzler that even though she had not used them in a long time, but she did miss using her mutant powers. Implying that she might have been depowered.


Kate's mutant powers have never been revealed.

Strength level

Strong willed motherly type.


Kate is an older woman who engages in very minimal regular excersize.

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