Quote1 You can call me Kash. Quote2
-- Kashmir Vennema

Kashmir Vennema is a criminal on a multiversal scale. Vennema introduced herself to Captain America and Hawkeye as the head of Damocles Research Facility. She coaxed the two heroes into investigating reptilian like creatures spotted under her facility. In the course of the investigation, the crime-fighters determined that Vennema was quite duplicitous. It appears her "research" was to produce reptilian/dinosaur type creations to sell on the open market.

After this adventure, Vennema emerged once again in Madripoor at a Weapon's Expo. Captain America noted that although Vennema was a DNA match, there was something different about her. Vennema is obviously a profiteer dabbling in various technology. She has access to Pym Particles, Stark Tech, and other unique weapons such as her "harvester" which can replicate technology it comes into contact with. She has also become associates with A.I.M., Hydra and Batroc's Brigade. Her most sinister plot to date involved kidnapping enhanced humans from other multi-verses and selling them on the open market.

Kashmir has developed a hand-held dimensional travel control. This has allowed her to explore "infinite profits in infinite worlds". Vennema has developed her own multi-verse where a number of "herselfs" from alternate realities have come together to launch profiteering schemes. Captain America and Iron Man captured #12 on Earth-616. A number of these alternate universe entities have been incarcerated or killed. The majority of these alternate universe "Kash's" have been killed by a ruthless alternate universe Black Widow. A small cabal of "Kash's" are still on the loose and obviously developing more profiteering scenarios.


Pym Particles, "The Harvester", Stark Technology

  • "Kash" is obviously quite a striking figure. This was immediately noted by Hawkeye and Iron Man when the two met her.

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