Karolina Dean (Earth-616) 002

Karolina's bracelet inhibiting her powers

Karolina Dean (Earth-616) 001

Karolina explaining her medical alert bracelet

Originally believed by Karolina Dean to be a normal medical alert bracelet to warn about a penicillin allergy. However, when the Runaways were discovering the truth about their parents, Karolina and the others discovered that the bracelet was actually designed to inhibit her true nature and abilities to make her appear human.[1]

When she left Earth to end the Skrull-Majesdanian War, Karolina gave the bracelet to Nico.[2] Nico kept the bracelet safe until Karolina's return when Xavin took possession of it.[3]

It appears Karolina has learned to control her powers, and no longer requires the bracelet. When Karonlina believed she had to leave Earth to face trial, she gave the bracelet to Molly Hayes as a parting gift.[4]


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