Karlak was the High Priest of the lost kingdom of Mu, an island nation that sunk to the ocean floor some ten thousand years ago but endured thanks to a glass dome erected around it.

By 1948 he had convinced his people to invade the surface world. He first attempted to gather specimens with a whirl-pool device, drawing the Sub-Mariner and Namora toward the kingdom. The two fought free and were soon attacked by warriors of Mu in diving gear and were forced to retreat. Believing that they were the full measure of the surface world, Karlak ordered a full scale assault on the surface world.

They surfaced along the coast of Pearl Harbour and invaded. Although their weapons more primitive than that of the United States military, Karlak and his invasion force had the element of surprise and were able to knock out Namor and Namora. However, the weapons of the American military proved to be too powerful and Karlak ordered his minions to retreat. He returned to Mu where he attempted to petition the queen and her counsel to allow him to mount another attack. When they refused he threatened to kill them with his newly developed "Electric Gun", and hoped to conquer the world. Karlak's dreams of world conquest were cut short, as he was followed by Namor and Namora. Struggling with the Sub-Mariner, Karlak's Electric Gun went off killing him.

In the aftermath of the fight the Queen of Mu promised the Sub-Mariner that her people would no longer threaten the surface.


To travel to the surface Karlak used a submarine vessel that vaguely resembled a Viking warship.


Karlak had all the technology of Mu at his disposal. He particularly used an "Electric Gun" a weapon that apparently fired some sort of electricity, or electrified projectiles, although the exact specifications of this weapon are not apparent.

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