Karl Stragg was a criminal cyberneticist imprisoned for murdering his wife,[1] and cell-mate of The Ox. He managed to trick the Ox into helping him escape from prison under the pretense that he would make him smarter. In fact, Stragg would exchange their bodies, effectively giving him the Ox's strength while keeping his intelligence and leaving the mentally limited Ox in Stragg's weak body.

Stragg, the new Ox, challenged Daredevil and was killed when, during the fight, he fell from a rooftop.

Other mind-transfer machines and scientists: Mad Doctor,Franz Radzik[[1]],Doctor Theron Atlanta,Machinesmith(Samuel Saxon),Ameridroid(Lyle Dekker),and Doctor Bradford[[2]]. Kronin Krask and Professor Power(Anthony Power) has scientists create mind-transfer machines for them.

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