In 1931, Carl Schwab was found guilty of conspiring to overthrow the United States government. He would be locked away in prison until 1941 when he had finished serving his time. He would ally himself with the Nazis and continue his agenda to overthrow the United States.

To this end, he and his henchmen would develop a massive dynamo beneath New York City. Activating the device would cause an entire area ranging from a single city block to an entire city with electricity, incapacitating humans and shorting out the electrical network. He would then send his agents up in rubber suits to terrorize those effected.

His attacks on New York would attract the attention of the Angel who would infiltrate Schwab's organization and confront him. As the two struggled, the Angel would cause Shwab's device to overload and explode. Ironically, a piece of shrapnel from the exploding device would impale Schwab killing him.


Schwab had access to a rubber suit that would completely protect him from the effects of electricity.


Schwab had a giant electric dynamo that would electrify everything in a certain radius, incapacitating humans and causing electrical systems to short out.

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