Karl Barko would attempt to bilk the American Anthracite Mine company out of money by selling them a supposed device to prevent mine cave ins. When they would refuse to purchase his so-called invention, he would plant bombs in their mines to cause deadly cave-ins. The first cave in would attract the attention of the Blue Blaze who would investigate the damage and find traces of a bomb. When would go to visit the mine superintendent of his findings, he would witness as Barko was ejected from the office after another failed attempt at selling his supposed device. When Barko would overhear the Blaze telling the superintendent of the bomb, he would attempt to eliminate the Blue Blaze to prevent him from stopping another mine cave in. Attacking the Blue Blaze with a boulder would fail, so would shooting out his tire and sending a pack of attack dogs against him. With all conventional means exhausted, Karl Barko would attack the Blaze directly with a pair of freeze rays, trapping the hero in a block of ice.

The Blaze would eventually free himself and stop Barko and his men from planting another bomb. The insane Barko was later institutionalized.[2]




Karl Barko was an expert saboteur, and while his claims of a device to prevent mine cave ins was likely bogus, it is possible he had enough inventive genius to invent his freeze guns.


Karl Barko wore glasses


Barko used bombs which were powerful enough to cause mine collapses, he had a sniper rifle, and a pair of freeze rays that he used to trap his victims in a block of ice. He also had a number of trained attack dogs.

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