Sometime during the 16th century, Kao-Gotu, arrived in Japan from the world of Shinma. Here he murdered a warlord named Tesuka, became him and used his powers to start a rebellion in an attempt to overthrow the emperor. The samurai of the time eventually discovered the deception and turned to the gods for help who gave them each a different power of lightning, wind, and thunder, as well the ability to become one with the silence of the night. Centuries later the descendent's of the samurai managed to trap the Face Thief in a mask.

Eventually the mask ended up in the possession of Creighton McCall who accidentally released the Face Thief who devoured Creighton. Creighton's son-in-law Richard Stevenson overheard the commotion and burst in so the Face Thief killed him as well. Sensing Creighton's power the Face Thief took possession of his life

The samurai's descendants had formed a group known as The Masters of Silence and contacted Anthony "Tony" Stark for help. Learning of Richard's death they went to investigate his funeral. Here, they met Meredith McCall, Creighton's daughter who told Stark she felt something was odd with her father, which led to Tony discovering Creighton wasn't human. Later they visited his house and Meredith discovered her true father's true form, but was rescued by the Master's of Silence. After a short battle Iron Man unleashed everything on the demon, who in his weakened state vowed revenge and disappeared. Kaze, a member of the master of silence had been mortally wounded so Meredith volunteered to replace him as a Master of Silence. [1]


Could take on the appearance of anybody he killed by taking the skin off their face and placing it over his own.

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