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Simply put, while Rama-Tut, Kang, Scarlet Centurion, Immortus, Iron Lad, and Mister Gryphon all started as Nathaniel Richards of Earth-6311, and their histories overlap, all the time travelling has schismed their timelines. Putting aside the non-Richards' Kangs (from timelines where Kang was slain, and his armor and Kang identity stolen by others, as witnessed with the Cross-Time Kangs), we know of:

  • Rama-Tut, who became Kang, but in later life became nostalgic and became the semi-benevolent Rama-Tut again.
  • Rama-Tut, who was to become Kang, but after being Rama-Tut became Scarlet Centurion (who fought the Squadron Supreme), and later abandoned it to become Kang.
  • Rama-Tut, who became Kang, became Rama-Tut again, and later became Immortus.
  • Nathaniel Richards, who was to become Rama-Tut, but his life diverged when he was approached by a time-travelling Kang, and became a hero under the name of Iron Lad.
  • Nathaniel Richards, who, after some time passed as Iron Lad, reinvented himself as a villain under the name of Kid Immortus.
  • Rama-Tut, who became Kang, became Rama-Tut again, and later become Kang again, diverging into Mister Gryphon due to a glitch in the Timestream.
  • Rama-Tut, who became Kang, became Rama-Tut again, and later became Kang and didn't change to another identity. There were many of these, but Immortus cleaned up his own timeline by manipulating the Kangs into killing each other off and then absorbed the memories of all into a single Kang.

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