Kall was a scientist from the 30th Century of Earth-49121 a possible future of Earth-616. He was sent back in time to the year 1949 on Earth-616 by his leader the Excellency to gather specimens from the 20th Century to bring back for the zoo in his own future time. To this end he posed as Professor Kall, an inventor, and gained a reputation as a designer of inventions for the future. He put on a Fair of the Future to show off his inventions and invited prominent citizens such as inventors, politicians and celebrities. Among those invited was private detective Mark Mason who brought along his secretary Louise Grant. Louise was secretly the heroine the Blonde Phantom, if Kall was aware of this or not remains unspecified. He then tricked them all into entering his "rocket ship" which was in reality a time machine that transported them to the 30th Century on Earth-49121. There, Louise (changing into the Blonde Phantom) and the others were captured. Eventually, the Blonde Phantom broke free and used hypnosis to force the Excellency to return them to their own time.[1]

Kall's fate is unknown.


Kall used a time machine that could travel back in time. It was fashioned to resemble a rocket ship.

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