Kali or Kalima was the Hindu goddess of death and destruction.[4]

She has shaped the world of India from ancient times.[citation needed] As a death god, she commands a degree of dread and fright that few other Indian gods do.[citation needed]

She has been a sworn enemy of Skanda for ages and the two hate each other passionately.[citation needed]

Modern days

In modern times she was mostly known as Kalima, and was mistakenly believed[4] to be an Indian super-villain who patterned herself after the Demon-goddess[2] Kali,[1] and commanding to creature patterning themselves after the Ravarati.[3]

She and Dr. Doom's daughter Sophie von Doom entered into an undisclosed contract and after allowing the girl free reign in India; she promptly took possession of Dr.Doom's daughter and later did battle with the mutant team GeNext.[citation needed]

However, as fate would have it, she was defeated, but unbeknownst to her opponents she still resides within Sophie. She has sworn revenge on Genext for her defeat.[citation needed]


She can also control the bodies of anyone whether through possession or by way of magic. As a goddess she also has vast reserves of magical energy with which to cast any number of spells.[citation needed]

She also has a certain degree of control over the souls of mortals, able to pull souls from bodies and even "reincarnate" whomever she wills.[citation needed]


Kalima is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and sword fighter.[citation needed] Her six arms are fully coordinated, giving her great dexterity and athletic ability.[citation needed]


Four swords constructed from unknown metals.[citation needed]

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