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Fin Fang Foom appeared as the first of his race in Strange Tales #89.

The Kakarantharaians are a race of alien dragons.

Powers and Abilities


Gathering IM274

Here be dragons

Various superhuman attributes, including greater physical strength, stamina & durability on account of more advanced musculature & super-dense scales on the dermis, as well as a longevity far greater than that of an average Human. Extraordinary metabolism grants them with rapid healing, as well as the ability to regenerate certain body parts upon entering a hibernationary state (this also allows an extended lifespan). Kakarantharians are Able to survive in the vacuum of space or under water for extended periods. They too possess flight capabilities under the speed of sound & limited telepathy (their psychic influence is often more compatible with the minds of other reptiles). Exhibit shape-shifting abilities which can allow them to assume a multitude of forms & alter their size, weight & mass by many orders of magnitude. (Some) are able to transfer their life-force into the body of another living entity in the case of death or serious injury; having done so, a Kakarantharian is often able to transform the possessed body through shape-shifting as they would in their own. They are also able to excrete a corrosive chemical mist from their mouth, which resembles fiery plasma, with varying degrees of intensity & accuracy.


None known.

Average Strength level

Greater than that of an average Human.


A leafy herb exclusively indigenous to China has been known to induce prolonged hibernation in individuals.


Habitat: Mostly tropical, with 82% water covering the surface
Gravity: 77% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 65% nitrogen, 27% oxygen
Population: 2,800,000,000


Type of Government: Global democracy
Level of Technology: Extraordinarily advanced: Spacefaring, capable of interstellar travel, warp drive; have developed self-replenishing sources of energy & adopted a system favouring renewable resources; psionic technology.
Cultural Traits: The inhabitants of Kakaranthara are usually adventurous, peaceful, noble, & benevolent.
Representatives: The "Dragons" of English, Chinese & various other cultures' mythology; Axonn-Karr; Chi Chan[1] Chen Hsu; Fin Fang Foom; Wu Pong[2]


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