Kag was a Lion-Wolf living on the prehistorical earth during 50,000 B.C. During one day, while he was looking for food he was attracted by the smell of fresh blood coming from the body of Phadion who had been recently killed in a battle with Gholla. Arriving to the place Kag saw the death man's wife crying over his dead body and he decided to hunt her, whorever, he was unaware of the presence of Ak who was wittnesing the scene. Ak was boldly risked his life to save the female and her child and using a wine he carried them away before Kag had a chance to strike. After that the Lion-Wolf settled with eating the remains of Phadion and Gholla apparebtly sharing them with some other beasts that were his brothers.[1]

Kag was apparently one of the most feared animals living in his time since, after saving Rhaya and Tuk from his attack, Ak found a great pride on himself since he had shown that he was migthier than Kag.

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