Kabar was born into one the high houses of the Clan Akkaba. According to him he meet Apocalypse as a boy when the clan summoned him and it was 36 years before the second summoning when Dracula started turning the clan members into that of vampires. [1]

After the summoning of Apocalypse, he killed one of the leaders as punishment for asking for help. Kabar as the fittest now started to explain what was happening to Apocalypse only to be stopped by Margret Slade who believed that her son Hamilton Slade is dealing with the threat. Brashir dismissed this as her son has been missing for three days and then mocked her, causing her to attack him with rage only for their fight to enrage their master.[1]

The meeting was cut off by Jack Starsmore who had brought Abraham van Helsing. After van Helsing explained to them what are they dealing with Brashir dismissed his claim as being nothing but myths and legends, but Apocalypse believed him and went with van Helsing.[1] When the group returned they found Kabar's dead body and later find out that he was killed by Hamilton Slade for being a rival for him.[2]


Self-Molecular Manipulation: Brashir possessed the mutant power of molecular rearrangement, a power common among the upper-level members of Clan Akkaba.


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