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This mystical city lies in the K'un-Lun Mountains (崑崙山). It is one of the longest mountain chains in Asia, extending more than 3,000 km. The mountain range exists entirely within the Tibet region of the People's Republic of China.[1]

All Immortal Iron Fists come from this city and the Amulets of Power originate from the K'un-Lun dimension.[2]


Over a millennium ago, the dragon Chiantang destroyed K'un-Lun in a fit of rage. Recently Chiantang again attacked K'un-Lun, wreaking great devastation and killing most of its people. The rest of the population fled to safety.[3]



Seven Capital Cities of Heaven

K'un-Lun is one of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven which, like K'un-Lun, appear on the earthly plane periodically. The other cities are; K'un-Zi, Peng Lai Island, Z'Gambo, Under City, Tiger Island and the Kingdom of Spiders. However, every 88 years all these cities align in a heavenly convergence creating the Heart of Heaven. The cities held a tournament and each has a champion to represent them; K'un-Lun's, of course, was the Iron Fist. The tournament decides the celestial clock meaning earth was the prize. The winning city would appear every 10 years rather then the normal 88 years.[6]

In 1933, when Orson refused to answer the call of K'un-Lun, the Immortal Weapon of the city of K'un-Zi was sent in his footsteps to get him to participate, but Orson killed his assailant. From there, Orson was tracked by the other immortal weapons, especially the Prince of Orphans. Orson eventually dissolved the Confederates of the Curious in order to protect them from his enemies. He then faked his own death while transferring all the fortune gained during his adventures to Wendell Rand. Soon after, he went to Thailand, where he immersed himself in opium for many years in order to conceal his own chi from the Ch'i-Lin demon, a creature who killed the holders of the Iron Fist power whenever they had reached the age of 33 years.[7]

Modern Age

Many years ago in K'un-Lun, the Steel Serpent tried to win the right to battle Shou-Lao to gain the Iron Fist, but would be defeated in combat by Wendell Rand. He would try to gain the power of Shou-Lao anyway, but he would only partially succeed in doing so and be injured by the ancient dragon instead. The disgraced Davos would then be expelled from K'un-Lun for his actions. Some time later, Lei Kung and Yu-Ti watched through the looking glass and saw the Steel Serpent being finally defeated by Iron Fist.[8]

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