Justin Baldwin is the District Attorney of Springdale, Connecticut, ex-husband to soap actress Maddie Naylor and father of the superhero Speedball. Justin does not approve of superheroes and thinks they are a menace. Justin and his wife frequently argued because she was artistic where he was very conservative. Eventually they got a divorce.

Many months later Justin saw his son fighting a doppelganger created by the Magus during Infinity War and discovered his son was Speedball which angered him greatly. Later Robbie moved to New York with his mother. At one point Justin was kidnapped by a street gang with a grudge against the New Warriors. After the New Warriors saved Justin he and Robbie began to work on rebuilding their father son relationship.

Robbie was later replaced by a clone for several months while the real Robbie was trapped in another dimension. It's unclear if Robbie ever told his father about this.

Justin and Maddie reconciled at some point but disowned their son due to the Stamford Incident where hundreds died and Speedball was publicly blamed.

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