Jumbonox the Giganormous was a space-whale that tried to devour Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood when they were passing by Sector Gamma 9. Once they were inside its mouth, the Surfer and Dawn encountered Jumbonox's sentient antibodies, the Anti-Bodz, and attacked them, inadvertently weakening Jumbonox's defenses, giving the sentient disease called Mox-Pox a chance to escape, threatening to infect the entire sector.

The Surfer and Dawn bought the Anti-Bodz time to recover by distracting the Mox-Pox, telling them stories about their friend Tiny Harold. While the Anti-Bodz recovered in time to keep the Mox-Pox at bay, Jumbonox demanded to know the end of Tiny Harol's story. Once the Dawn told the story about how they parted ways, Jumbonox opened its mouth let her and the Surfer get away.[1]

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