The Jumala are a race of supernatural beings worshiped as Gods by the people of ancient Finland. They were presumably spawned by the Demiurge in response to early man's subconscious need for gods.

The first Jumala was Ilmarinen, who freed ancient Finland from a Cosmic Egg by shattering it with a hammer. He shaped out the features of Finland using the remains of the Cosmic Egg, before deferring his responsibilities to his son, Ukko.

Ukko married the Earth goddess Akka, an aspect of the Elder God Gaea, and with her fathered the later generations of gods, delegating to each a portion of the Earthly realm. With his father's magic hammer, Ukko defended Taivas from the more malicious magical beings that inhabited it along with the gods.

Powers and Abilities


True immortality, various magical abilities.

Average Strength level

An average god can lift approximately 30 tons; an average goddess, 25 tons.


Representatives: Akka, Ukko, Ahti, Äkräs, Ilmarinen, Nyyrikki, Tapio, Tuoni, Vammatar


  • In Finnish myth, Jumala was not the name of the Finnish myth; it was the name of their sky-spirit.
  • The offical name of the Finnish gods was the Kalevalans.

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