Julien was the heir to the New Orleans Assassins Guild. At war for generations with the Thieves Guild, Julien opposed the peace his sister's marriage to Remy LeBeau would have brought between the two. Challenging Remy to a duel, the battle was largely in Julien's favour until Remy's mutant abilities surfaced, causing a knife he threw at Julien to detonate, killing him. The death caused Remy to be exiled from the city, but Julien did not stay gone for long.

When the Brood took over the Assassins Guild and implanted them with Brood embryos, one of them began killing members of the Thieves Guild in earnest. This brought the attention of the X-Men as well as Ghost Rider. After a battle in which Ghost Rider was temporarily infected with the Brood, he was freed by the X-Man called Psylocke. They then joined forces and defeated the Brood but the one called Assassin got away, vowing to have his vengeance along with his "family".


Julien was a trained and capable Assassin.

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