After being exposed to radiation, Jules Carter slowly mutated to have bronze skin, no hair, and a rock-like skull. Carter had the ability to drain strength from other individuals and add their energy to his own. Carter was also a deadly walking radioactive bomb. He was confronted by Captain Marvel and apparently died when his body detonated.[1] It was later revealed that he survived. At some point, he was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and was incarcerated at Pleasant Hill.[2]


After exposure to radiation, Megaton became a walking nuclear reactor. He possesses toughened flesh that gives superhuman strength and durability. As nuclear energy builds within him, he grows in size augmenting his strength and durability. He augment his strength further by absorbing sources of energy, including the life source of other people. He can also project blasts of nuclear energy. His radioactive body naturally gives off radiation and heat giving him an added layer of protection.

Strength level

Superhuman but varies depending on how large he is


If his energy builds up too much, he risks exploding. His transformation also damaged his mental health.

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