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The Juggernaut prototype tank[1] was designed and built by genius adventurer Doc Savage and his engineer friend John "Renny" Renwick[2] at some point before 1936.[3] Futurist for the time,[1] it was stored in Savage's warehouse for his customized, self-built vehicles in a building overseeing the Hudson River and assigned to Savage-owned Hidalgo Trading Company.[3] The Juggernaut shared garage with Savage's zeppelin Amberjack, submarine Helldiver and airplane Hydro-glider.[1] Waiting for a mission which would use it, the Juggernaut remained still when Savage took a customer, Mz. Sandy Taine, to the warehouse - but he had chosen the plane for her mission.[1]

At a later point, in 1941, Savage and his team were recruited by Vesper Hope and her friend Mirrana, for a trip to Peru: The jungle-dwelling tribe of Myrrana was being threatened by huge monster-like insects. After a match with one of those beasts in New York City, Savage decided to travel to Peru in the Amberjack, taking the Juggernaut with them.[2]

As soon as they reached the Peruvian island, Savage and his highly-qualified crew noticed that the flora had been irradiated until mutation, and correctly assumed that the fauna would have been so. Thus, Savage decided to take the tank with them to explore the jungle, with only Renwick staying on the Amberjack. This was useful, because Savage's team found and was attacked by a giant cockroach - so armored that even the tank's cannons were useless against its carapace. The tank's gunner, Thomas J "Long Tom" Roberts, asked for a shot to the beast's belly, and Savage managed to move the monster and succeed at offering the requested target.[2]

The tank was not used in later stages of this mission, because those involved melée fights, entering the tribe's town and exploring some ruins.[2]


The Juggernaut tank was equiped with beacons, radars and other devices.[2]

The Juggernaut's weapons includedbazookas, gas & smokescreen spitters, flame-throwers, laser-nozzles, machete-type foliage-threasers, super rapid-fires and others.[2]

It was speculated that the Juggernaut was powerful enough to detach the armored doors of Fort Knox, without suffering any kind of even superficial harm.[3]

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