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Judas Traveller was a brilliant criminal psychologist. A nervous breakdown triggered his powers.

Traveller now believed himself a vastly powerful being who had walked the earth for centuries. Fascinated with the nature of evil, Traveller visited various villains at the Ravencroft Institute.

Learning of their hatred towards Spider-Man (Peter Parker), he used his powers to take control of the institute to draw Spider-Man.

Then he posed an ethical dilemma to Parker: If Spider-Man failed, all the inmates would be killed. However, if Traveller was defeated, they were to be set free.

Traveller used his powers to defeat Spider-Man, learning about the return of Ben Reilly in the process.

Traveller and Scrier confront Reilly, offering him the chance to replace Parker.

Reilly and Parker are able to defeat the released villains, but Traveller escaped.

Traveller later appeared at the Parker house to meet Mary Jane.

Traveller yet again confronted the Parkers and Ben Reilly. After attempting to trick Parker into killing for the "soul of Aunt May", he then revealed his Host were going to sabotage a geothermal station, devastating NYC.

Traveller is defeated but seems to create a dangerous temporal vortex. Scrier intervened, warning the Parkers and Reilly that Traveller would continue to study them.

Traveller captured Spider-Man and Kaine, subjecting Parker to a trial with the prisoners of Ravencroft as jury and Carnage as prosecutor. John Jameson and Doctor Kafka are appointed, but never get a chance to speak. He is unmasked and found guilty, but Traveller stops the group when Kaine defends Parker. He also removes the villains' knowledge that Spider-Man is Parker.

Traveller's powers were revealed to be minor and the Scriers as a group. Traveller managed to escape as Gaunt killed the "lead" Scrier.

Traveller was captured by Osborn's men and placed in a containment pod. He is eventually rescued by Chakra with the help of Spider-Man. His current activities are unknown.

Norman Osborn revealed that Traveller and the Scrier organization were all part of his schemes against Spider-Man (Peter Parker).


Traveller possesses some degree of psionic power, primarily the ability to alter the sense of perception. He can also read minds, alter one's perception of reality, and transform into a bird-creature. Traveller uses his powers and knowledge to make himself seem far more powerful than he actually is, claiming at times to be a sorcerer or godlike.


holograms and other devices used to enhance the effects of his powers.

Some similarities to Warren Traveler, who may be a counterpart of his.

Judas Traveller was once challenged by Carnage and managed to easily defeat him by separating him from his symbiote.

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