Judas Cain was a stock broker who owned his own brokerage firm in the 1940's. By 1945 his business was failing and so he went to some desperate measures to get easy money. To this end, he insured his valuable Jodphur Ruby for one hundred thousand dollars. Creating a fake out of paste, he then hid the real ruby on his pet parrot. He then hired two thugs to steal the phony jewel so that he could claim the insurance on it, yet still retain the original jewel. However, when the two hired thugs broke into his apartment, they were confronted by the hired butler whom they shot to death before fleeing.

The murder attracted the attention of the Angel who instantly began suspecting Judas as being involved in the crime. Eventually the hero tracked down the shooters and found out that the jewel they stole was a fake. After learning the status of Judas Cain's business, the Angel confronted him. When the hero found the real jewel around the parrots neck, Judas pulled a gun out on threatened to shoot the Angel. However, the Angel pulled a rug out from under Judas, causing him to fall backward out of his apartment window and fall to his death.




Judas had a pistol.

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