Jubilee was a member of Alpha Flight. The team overpowered the X-Men during their game of baseball against the Academy of Tomorrow and kidnapped Northstar, claiming that he belonged with them. She has a laid back personality, even during and after the battle. She was a fan of Dazzler. She was such a fan that she planned to get Ali's autograph and wore one of her band's shirt's when they attacked, much to the annoyance of her team, especially Snowbird.

Later, at Alpha Flight's base, Jubilee expressed her concern about using Banshee, encouraging Sasquatch to power down, revealing her true form, Rahne Sinclair. In response, Vindicator broke her finger.


Fireworks: Jubilee possesses the mutant ability of "casting fireworks," explosions capable of causing concussive blasts.


A power-enhancer called Banshee

  • Jubilee, and the other members of Ultimate Alpha Flight use Banshee.
  • Jubilee seems to be the most reluctant to use Banshee.
  • Unlike her Earth-616 counterpart, Jubilee does not appear to be Chinese-American, but instead Caucasian.

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