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Quote1 Gwen? No. The real Gwen died long ago. This is nothing more than a me. Quote2
-- Spider-Man src

A replica of Gwen Stacy who was created by The Jackal, using a very similar woman (age and genotype), modified with a genetic virus transforming her into a close-replica of Gwen, after this one's death to torment Peter, and presented as a clone.[1]

After "discovering she was a clone", following the "death" of The Jackal after the first battle between Spider-Man and his clone, she moved to London where she went under the alias of Joyce Delaney and tried starting a normal life, eventually marrying a clone of Miles Warren who was killed during the Clone Saga event.

During the Evolutionary War, she was kidnapped by the High Evolutionary's Purifiers, for him to understand how Miles Warren had developed instantaneous cloning. He discovered that the Jackal had never cloned her. This discovery was revealed to "Gwen" and Peter. The Young God Daydreamer who had come to confront the High Evolutionary earlier with her teammates came to Earth in order to remove the illusion and give "Gwen" her face and identity back.[1]

Years later, she was murdered by another Gwen Stacy clone called Abby-L in London, where she had started a new life.[2]

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