Jourr was a young member of the Lor Tribe, an old Inhuman group who lived in the secret city of Orollan, Greenland.

One day, Jorr hurt his left arm while climbing rocks. Fortunately, the local known as the Healer patched him up. That very same day, unbeknownst to Jourr or any of the members of the Lor Tribe, a battle was being waged in the Inhuman capital of Attilan between king Black Bolt and Thanos. The Mad Titan was in the search for his long-lost bastard son, who was the Healer. In an attempt to protect the Inhuman descent, Black Bolt detonated a Terrigen Bomb over Earth's atmosphere, spreading the Terrigen Mists across the globe.

When the mists reached Orollan, the Healer's powers were triggered, causing him to unwittingly murder most of the village, and most likely Jourr as well.[1]

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