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Journey into Mystery Vol 1 99


Journey into Mystery Vol 1 99

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Quote1 I became what I had wanted to become--I became Mister Hyde! Quote2
-- Calvin Zabo/Mister Hyde

Appearing in "The Mysterious Mister Hyde!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



Synopsis for "The Mysterious Mister Hyde!"Edit

Thor flies by, leaving town. Watching him is a mysterious figure who state that it is time for Dr. Don Blake to receive an unexpected visit for Mister Hyde.

Meanwhile Thor as gone to Asgard, where he again pleads with his father Odin for permission to marry Jane Foster. And again Odin refuses.

Hyde arrives at Blake's office building, where he recalls how Blake had refused to employ him. So Hyde, real name Calvin Zabo, invented a formula which gives him the strength of 12 men. When he transforms, he because a huge, ugly creature.

In Asgard, Thor continues to plead with Odin, who when Thor raises his hammer towards him, blast Thor with an Odin-blast and then orders him away.

Mr Hyde breaks into Blake's office and threatens Jane. Thor arrives as Don Blake and confronts Hyde. Hyde tosses Blake out a window. Blake is able to tap his cane against a wall as he falls, and transforms to Thor. He returns to the office to find Hyde gone. After assuring himself Jane is unharmed, Thor sets out to find Hyde.

Across town, Hyde hears that Blake is still alive. He gloats that he can still defeat the unsuspecting Thor.

Next morning Thor burst his way through a bank wall, tears off the safe door, and escapes with the money. As word of his crime spreads, the town as the feel of a city under siege...

Appearing in "Tales of Asgard: Surtur the Fire Demon"Edit

TalesOfAsgard 99

Featured Characters:




Synopsis for "Tales of Asgard: Surtur the Fire Demon"Edit

Hearing that the trolls have joined the evil Surtur, Odin invades their land. When the trolls attempt to ambush Odin, he thrusts his sword into the earth, releasing power that drives the trolls away.

Odin faces Surtur himself, as the demon transforms himself in a sinister multi-headed serpent. But Odin with his power draws meteors down unto Surtur.

Realizing he can not defeat Odin directly, Surtur attacks the earth. Boring deep into the earth, he releases a huge chunk of matter into the sky which becomes earth's moon.

Using his powers, Odin constructs the Rainbow bridge which connects Asgard to earth. Upon reaching earth, Odin uses his power to set the earth spinning, trapping Surtur deep within the planet. From there the fire demon produces heat and energy for the earth. Open to earn freedom, Surtur presents Odin with the gift of a flying horse, in the hope that one day Odin will release him.

Appearing in "Stroom's Strange Solution"Edit

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "Stroom's Strange Solution"Edit

Not available

  • First appearance of Mister Hyde.
  • First appearance of the Rock Trolls.
  • On the cover, Mr. Hyde is shown wearing a green jacket, while within the issue itself he is dressed in all purple. His clothes, however appear green in color, as do they in the issues that follow.
  • This is the first Thor story to end in a cliffhanger.
  • "Tales of Asgard explains the origin of the Moon.
  • This issue is reprinted in other comics and books, see references for more info.[1] =

  • No trivia.

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