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Quote1 No matter what the cost, I must again locate the Absorbing Man! For I have pledged my Very life to the defense of Earth! And, so long as the deadly menace exists unchecked, all mankind is in the gravest danger! Quote2
-- Thor

Appearing in "The Vengeance of the Thunder God!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Vengeance of the Thunder God!"Edit

Thor was in the middle of a fight with the Absorbing Man, Crusher Creel, when he was alerted by Balder the Brave of the danger to Jane Foster; she had been kidnapped by Loki and brought back to Asgard. Meanwhile, the Absorbing Man, had wandered off to cause trouble without the hindrance of Thor. The Thunder God immediately went to face his scheming half-brother Loki. The two fought and exchanged insults, while Foster looked on in wonder and fear, not sure why she was the pawn in their fight.

Back on Midgard, reporter Harris Hobbs, helps the police in their search for Crusher Creel, the Absorbing Man, and explains to them what his powers are. Creel has in the meantime found a house in the suburbs, needing sleep and food, and walks in to take what he needs. Back in Asgard, Thor and Loki battle on, Loki tries to freeze the air around Thor, but he breaks out immediately, "The rage in my heart, the justice of my cause, the strength in my sinews, these are the spells which shall defeat the master of evil!!" At that moment, Odin causes an explosion of rock between them, and scolds them for engaging "in private conflict which hath not the approval of Odin". Loki then tries to blame the fight on Thor, claiming that he brought his mortal love, Jane Foster to Asgard to make her immortal as well, just as she faints, the strain of the ordeal too much. Odin is not sure who to believe, knowing that Loki is a trickster. He then calls for a "Trial of the Gods!" Thor then asks is father for 48 hours, to return Foster to her home and to defeat the Absorbing Man. After Foster is safely back in her home, Thor uses his powers to make her forget what she saw in Asgard.

Back on Earth, Creel is imposing his will on a couple in the Suburbs. They try to make him leave, but it is no use. Nearby, the police are closing in on him, while Thor arrives to help. The police find the house that Creel entered, while Thor tries to convince them not to try to take him down without his help. The reporter Hobbs then goes into the house and taunts him into smashing though the wall, and out of the house. Creel then finds himself surrounded by police, as Thor takes command of them and orders them not to fire. Thor then throws his hammer at him, causing him to absorb its strength and power. Thor realizes that he must not use his brute strength, but instead his power over the elements, and makes a trap of heat around him. Creel absorbs the heat, just as the police fire a grenade at him, which explodes and stuns Creel for a moment. Thor gives him one more chance to stop and give up, while Creel boasts that he is the strongest, and he is about to finish off the Thunder God. Thor waits a moment for a reply, but when none is forth-coming, Thor whirls his hammer faster than a mortal eye can see, changing the air around Creel to Helium, causing him to absorb the properties of that element, and become a gas, and float into the atmosphere, and no longer a threat to humanity. The reporter, Hobbs, then tells Thor that he has realized that he is not the "conceited, costumed, show-off".

The Thunder God then takes off, having to take care of a few things before he is summoned back to Asgard for the Trial of the Gods. He flies back to take one last look at his beloved Jane Foster, for if he fails, it could be his last look at her. As he does so, Odin calls him back to Asgard, "whatever my fate, I shall face it, like a God!".

Appearing in "Tales of Asgard - A Viper in Our Midst"Edit

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Synopsis for "Tales of Asgard - A Viper in Our Midst"Edit

Quote1 Loki! You Have Saved Me From The Vengeance of Thor! I Know Not What Motives Caused You To Betray Your Own Kind, But That Is of No Concern of Mine! Know You, Loki, That Ghan Is In Your Debt! Quote2

Thor was leading a band of Asgardian warriors, who were riding out to stop Ghan, "the most deadly of Storm Giants", on his way to attack Asgard. Loki was, of course, resentful of Thor, thinking that he should be leading the warriors. As the battle begins, Ghan hurls a boulder at Thor, who blocks it with his hammer, causing it to shatter. Loki does not enter the battle, claiming that "the cunning Loki is far too clever to take needless chances!" and stays back in safety to plot the defeat of Thor. He then uses his magic sword to weave a spell to give Ghan the final victory. Before the spell can work, Ghan is driven back by the Asgardian's arrows. As the Storm Giant is being driven further back, they let loose their catapult, using a missile containing sleep fumes, to incapacitate him. The Asgardian task force go to where the giant should be sleeping, but find nothing. The rest of the party leaves, but Loki remains behind, saying he wanted to search more. He then "makes a mystic gesture" causing an eagle soaring nearby to return to the its natural form of the giant Ghan, saving him from the wrath of Thor. The giant then pledges his debt to Loki, and in return the Trickster reminds him not to forget it, "the day will come when I order you to repay this debt!" This was the first of many alliances with the forces of evil for Loki, as he plans and schemes to overthrow Asgard and destroy Thor.

  • Both stories are reprinted in Bring on the Bad Guys.
  • credits for Story 1:
    • Story By: Stan Lee The Sage of the Marvel Age!
    • Penciling By: Jack Kirby The Rage of the Marvel Age!
    • Inking By: Frankie Ray For His Wage In the Marvel Age!
    • Lettering By: Artie Simek From His Cage In The Marvel Age!
  • credits for Story 2:
    • Once Again, The Art of Illo-Drama Reaches The Pinnacle of Classic Perfection Under The Talented Hands of--
    • Stan Lee, Writer
    • Jack Kirby, Illustrator
    • Vince Colletta, Delineator
    • Artie Simek, Letterer

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