Quote1 Let your thundering hammer serve me, Thor! I am your master! You are my slave! Quote2
-- Tomorrow Man

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Synopsis for "Slave of Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man"Edit

Thor, his powers halved by an angry Odin, has agreed to travel to the 23rd century with the criminal scientist Arthur Zarrko in order to prevent him from destroying 20th century Earth. The Thunder God has pledged to obey Zarrko until he has conquered his century.

Arriving in the future. the Tomorrow Man has Thor create havoc until the police of that time arrive to stop him. Thor uses his hammer to enthrall the officers, and orders them to take himself and Zarrko to the ruling World Council. Zarrko orders them to give him directions to the Master Machine which runs the planet. When they refuse, Zarrko has Thor begin searching for the Master Machine. Thor manages to leave a note behind for the Council.

The Council activates a protector Octi-Robot, but Thor is able to destroy it. A Councilman then gives them the location.

Flying to a lonely isle, Thor and Zarrko enter the Master Machine's chamber and are attacked by a C-Bomb. Short for "Cell-Bomb" because it creates a prison to hold intruders. But Thor is able to overcome the increased gravity with the cell and destroy it. Zarrko takes possession of the Master Machine, making him the ruler of 23th century Earth.

Having fulfilled his vow, Thor now turns on Zarrko, and they battle. Zarrko grabs the control of the Master Machine and threatens to destroy the Earth if Thor does not halt. But before he can throw any switches, the Master machine captures Zarrko in a ball of semi-energy, ending his threat.

An official scout ship arrives moments later and arrests Zarrko. Thor's note had asked the Council to let him handle Zarrko, and based on Thor's reputation they had decided to trust him.

Twirling his hammer, Thor creates a time warp and returns to the 20th century, while Loki and Odin watch from Asgard, and Loki muses that sooner or later he will defeat Thor forever.

Appearing in "Tales of Asgard: Death Comes to Thor"Edit

TalesOfAsgard 102

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Synopsis for "Tales of Asgard: Death Comes to Thor"Edit

Quote1 Let the Storm Giants beware! Quote2
--Thor, upon finally lifting Mjolnir

The young Thor has found his way to the Three Fates, goddesses of destiny, in the hope they can tell him if he’ll succeed in earning Odin's magic hammer. They tell him that he will have to meet death first.

Returning to the palace, Thor learns from Balder that Storm Giants have seized his sister Sif. Swearing to rescue her, Thor seizes the hammer and unknowingly lifts it above his head. He then rides out only to be attacked by Giants near the castle of King Rugga. After opening a chasm with his hammer to capture the Giants, Thor enters the castle and confronts the king, who says he has given Sif to the goddess of death, Hela, in exchange for immortality.

Thor then confronts Hela and offers to give his own life in exchange for Sif. So moved is Hela by his offer of sacrifice that she allows them both to leave alive. It will be a few days before Thor realized that he had faced death and so had won the Enchanted Hammer.

Appearing in "The Menace"Edit

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  • First appearance of Sif. She returns in Thor #136 where she replaces Jane Foster as Thor's love interest. At the time of this Tale of Asgard, Sif still had blond hair. She would later have her hair shaved by Loki and replaced ebony black hair made by Trolls from "nothing".
  • This issue is reprinted in other comics and books, see references for more info.[2]
  • credits for Story 1:
    • Cunningly Conceived by: Stan Lee
    • Daringly Drawn by: Jack Kirby
    • Ingeniously Inked by: Chic Stone
    • Lovingly Lettered by: Art Simek
  • references: Journey into Mystery #86

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
  2. The first story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's: The Tales into Asgard story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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