Quote1 You must help me, Monako! My brother, Al, has perfected a new powerful explosive for the government! Muro learned of it and plans to kidnap Al, force the secret formula from him and then keep him captive! Quote2
-- Josie Nottington src

Josie Nottington is the sister of inventor Al Nottington and ally of Monako the magician. Twice she has been a target of the evil black magician Mr. Muro.

The first time her brother had a new explosive formula. At first Muro attempted to kill her and then later to abduct her in order to pressure her brother Al into revealing the secret of the formula. Josie was rescued by Monako.[1]

Later Josie was trusted with the security details of fortifications along the Panama Canal. Once more Muro endangered her life to get these plans. Monako once more saved her from death and recovered the stolen plans.[2]

Josie's current activities are unknown.



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