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Josh Mundy

Josh Mundy was a rancher who lived in Leadville, Texas during the days of the American Frontier. He was forced from his small ranch by big name rancher Buck Barstow. Years later he eventually opened up a general store in Leadville, and always looked out for local ranch owners. Eventually, Barstow bought all the mortgages of local ranchers and was seeking to evict them from their properties so that he could expand his ranch. Mundy offered his aid by telling local ranchers that he could come up with their next payment by cashing in on investments he made back east.

Mundy made no such investments, and instead put on a white sheet over his body, and calling himself the Phantom, robbed a stage coach for the money. When Mundy made the payment, he was told by Barstow that the next payment was due in ten days. Nobody suspected that Mundy was the Phantom, although the robbery prompted the Black Rider to investigate the theft. Undaunted by this set back, Barstow then hired some men to rustle the cattle from the local ranchers so that they could not sell them in order to make their next payment. The rustlers were stopped by the combined efforts of the Black Rider and the Phantom. When the rustlers were thwarted, the Phantom disappeared and the Black Rider went into town to confront Barstow and his men.

When the Black Rider was surrounded by Barstow and his men, the Phantom appeared again and helped the Rider gun down Barstow and his men, but took a fatal shot himself. The Black Rider rushed the Phantom back to the doctors office of his alter ego, Matthew Masters. There the Rider determined that there was no saving the Phantom, who revealed his identity and motivations. As a dying wish, Masters then revealed his true identity to Josh before he died. Buck, one of Barstow's men then burst in exposing both of their secret identities. However before he could alert anyone else, Masters then shot him dead. In order to cover for the now dead Mundy and preserve his double identity, Matthew arranged the crime scene to make it look as though Buck was the Phantom, and Mundy died stopping him and saving Masters' life, making him a hero in the eyes of the people of Leadville.[1]


As the Phantom, Mundy carried two six-shooters.

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