World War II

In the beginning of World War II, Joseph Stalin sided with the Allies against Nazi Germany. In 1942, Hitler attempted to assassinate Stalin by sending the Teutonic God Thor to attack his private train, but the super-team known as the Invaders arrived in time to prevent Stalin's death.[2]

Cold War

Avengers West Coast Vol 2 98

Stalin as Coldsteel

As the former dictator of Communist Russia, Stalin was responsible for the deaths of millions of his own people in the form of purges. This led to him being condemned to Satannish's Hell after his mortal death. Stalin was brought back decades later, transformed by Satannish into Coldsteel. He stood nearly 9-feet tall and possessed immense power, enough to beat the Avenger US Agent nearly to death.[1]

Coldsteel and the other members of the Lethal Legion fought on behalf of Satannish against Mephisto in a struggle to collect the most potent of souls for the Hell-Lords' collections. [3]


After being altered by Satannish into the monstrous Coldsteel, Stalin possessed steel-like body armor and phenomenal superhuman strength.[1]

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