Joseph Stalin was best known as the Premiere of the Soviet Union during both World War II and the Cold War. During the second World War, he commanded Russia along with the Allied Forced in opposition of the Axis Forces. Ironically, he would also lead the Soviet Union during a period where it was considered an enemy of the United States during the Cold War. Stalin was leader of the Union until his death from stroke on March 5, 1953.

Joseph Stalin in the Marvel Universe

World War II

In the beginning of World War II, he sided with the Allies against Nazi Germany. In 1942, German fighter pilots attempted to assassinate Stalin, but the super-team known as the Invaders arrived in time to prevent Stalin's death[1].

Cold War

As the former dictator of Communist Russia, Stalin was responsible for the deaths of millions of his own people in the form of paranoid purges.[2] Transformed by Satannish into Coldsteel, he stood nearly 9-feet tall and possessed steel-like body armor and phenomenal superhuman strength, powerful enough to beat the Avenger US Agent nearly to death. [3]

Avengers West Coast Vol 2 98

Stalin as Coldsteel

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