Early life

Joe Danvers was the husband of Marie Danvers. He was a former U.S. Navy officer and construction worker.[2] The couple lived in Beverly, a suburban community to the north of Boston, Massachusetts.[3] The couple had three children Joe, Jr., Stevie, and Carol.[2] Joe was an abusive father that looked down on the children.[4] When he could only afford to send one of his kids to college, he chose his eldest son, Stevie.[5]

Loss of a Son

Steve who was meant to go to college enlisted in the military instead, though, and was killed in action abroad. The death of Steve devastated the family and Joe drowned his feelings with alcohol.[6][7][4]

Ms Marvel

Carol came to visited her parents in Boston with her friend Michael Barnett. After visiting her mother and her father a construction worker has a near accident at one of his sites [2] Later her husband Joseph was attacked by Steeplejack and saved by Ms Marvel, which he was embarrassed about. Marie saw through her daughter disguise and asked her judge her father.[8] Carol later went back to live with her parents after her outburst as Warbird.[3]

Joe's Deathbed

They later moved to Bar Harbor, Maine. Joe was diagnosed with lung cancer and the disease spread so rapidly that he needed respirator to breath. He tried chemotherapy; however, it didn't work since he had been diagnosed too late. Carol visited him during the final stages, looking to make peace with him, but he was unconscious.[4] He died not long afterwards.[9]

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