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Joey was the nephew of Jean Grey.


Gailyn and Joey were controlled by Nanny's "Pixie Dust".

Operation Zero Tolerance

He and his twin sister, Gailyn, were hounded by the Prime Sentinels, but were saved thanks to X-Man and Roust.[2]


He was eventually killed, along with most of the Greys, by the Shi'ar Death Commandos.


He is an exceptionally strong telekinetic. He is able to telekinetically move, control and manipulate multiple objects and people through mere concentration from huge distances. He can also propel them at high speeds, telekinetically fly through the air, and create unusually strong force-fields of telekinetic energy. He could also casue objects to telekinetically explode or combust; causing massive explosions and fires in his wake.

He was stated to be an Epsilon-Beta Class mutant by the Prime Sentinels.[2]


Formerly Nanny's flying spidership.

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