Jose Abejaron was the chauffeur for Merzah the Mystic. In his only recorded appearance he drove Merzah and his assistant Diana Lanford to meet the challenge of Japanese spy Satokata Matsu. When Merzah and Diana were captured and taken to another location, Merzah used his telepathic powers to contact Jose, providing him with the address of where they were taken through a special screen in Jose's car that would display Merzah's thoughts as words. Jose would attempt to rescue his employer and his assistant, but accidentally knock over a vase alerting Matsu and his men of their presence.

When Matsu attempted to flee the fight, Jose would drive after them with Merzah in the passenger seat. Jose's driving skills allowed them to get close enough for Merzah to shoot out Matsu's tires causing him to have a fatal car crash, ending his threat.




Jose was a skilled chauffeur and fighter.


Jose drove his master Merzah's car. It was equipped with a special screen that would display Merzah's telepathic transmissions into words.

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